We are practitioners of all things digital.

Exelby is a digital design & development agency located in Niagara, Ontario. Founded in 2010, with clients across Canada and in the United States, we use the Internet to exceed our clients' goals.

We build brands, digital products, create & execute digital strategies for success. Over the years, we've learned what works and how to exceed expectations on projects alongside our clients.

Our Story

Although Exelby was born as a web development company ten years ago, our story started in 1920s.

It all starts with a young woman named Sophie, who immigrated with her family to Canada for a better life. Growing up in Canada meant long hours and a lot of hard work at multiple jobs. Although life was difficult in those times for working women, Sophie was committed to being successful and raising her own family in Canada.

In the late 1940s, Noreen Exelby was born to proud parents Sophie and Claire in Toronto, Ontario. Following her mother's lead, Noreen was a very hard worker. As a teenager and young adult, she would work at the family's horse racing stable, eventually deciding to pursue a career in education.

In the 1970s, Noreen, along with her husband, adopted a baby boy named Mark. In the 1980s, life now as a single mother became challenging for Noreen. Raising a young son, working during the day, and continuing her education at night, Noreen took advantage of an extra set of hands to help raise Mark. Sophie stood by her daughter, who worked hard day in and day out as she knew the time away from home was hard on Noreen. She was making a better life for herself and Mark through her hard work, dedication and ultimately her success as an educator who was respected for her commitment to making learning a positive experience for inner-city kids in Toronto and worldwide.

Throughout the years, growing up with Grandma and Mom, Mark learned the value of working hard, being loyal and staying committed to causes close to the heart.

In 2010, our founder, Mark Hardwick, decided to start a web development company and name it Exelby after his grandmother and mother. Their values, vision and success are what drive us daily, and with eyes above, the Exelby legacy will continue to grow for years to come.

We love pushing digital boundaries and developing products that engage people to achieve your goals.


Now that you know our story, we want to get to know you and tell yours.